Clients & Families of Midwives of Brampton & Halton Hills,

We want to thank all our clients for their kindness and understanding as we navigate this unique situation. Today we wanted to reach out with some reminders and to update on the situation as it impacts midwifery care.


Most importantly, we wish to remind you that you should not come into the clinic if you have any signs and symptoms of illness. This is our usual policy but obviously is of even more importance at this time. If you are ill please call to reschedule and your midwives will determine if there are any pressing items to discuss.

Please notify your midwives if you or someone in your home is put on self isolation or receives a positive COVID swab.

For home visits, please notify the midwives if you or anyone else in your home is ill, is on self isolation or has received a positive COVID swab.


Following our community hospital’s lead and public health’s updated advice, your midwives will now be wearing procedure masks during any in person visits either at home or in the clinic.

At the hospital and at home your midwives will wear these masks while providing any care and at the time of birth will additionally be wearing gowns and eye protection as appropriate.
While we may look a little different during this time our care remains the same.

Finally, as this situation evolves there may be further changes in our clinic or in the hospital as we follow the advice of public health and we will try to notify as soon as we can with any further changes.

Midwives of Brampton & Halton Hills