Labour & Birth

Midwives are on-call 24hrs/day, 7 days/week for their clients, ensuring that a known and trusted care provider is available for you. Our midwives work in teams of two or three; one of your team midwives will be on-call when you go in to labour. Midwives monitor the progress of labour, conduct the delivery of the baby and provide immediate postpartum care for the mom and newborn. With midwives, you have the choice of using pain medication (such as an epidural) in labour or not. If complications develop in labour or during the birth, your midwife will consult and / or transfer care to the appropriate specialist as indicated.

You have the choice of having your baby at home, or at the hospital. We encourage you to take the opportunity to discuss your choice of birthplace with your midwives. For a planned hospital birth, your midwife may attend you at home until your labour is well-established and then move in to the hospital for the birth, or may meet you directly at the hospital. In either setting, two midwives attend the birth. Every client will have safe, comprehensive care in whichever setting you choose to give birth in.

If you choose Brielle_0010a hospital birth, our midwives have privileges at Brampton Civic Hospital.

For information about home birth and hospitals in our community:

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Brampton Civic Hospital


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Stats are from the BORN database April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015

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